Summer Harvest Pasta Salad with Chickpeas & Calendula

Summer Harvest is really a blanket term that kind of means “whatever you want” as long as it’s generally things that are in season and that maybe you could pick out of your garden (if you have a garden – and also if you just so happen to be growing vegetables) So for this SummerContinue reading “Summer Harvest Pasta Salad with Chickpeas & Calendula”

Something different – a little post on hope, mental health, and vulnerability

What an interesting and new experience the last year and a half have been! Like most of you, I have been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and maybe like some of you – got just a sprinkle bit sad – or depressed or whatever you want to call it. It happens to the best ofContinue reading “Something different – a little post on hope, mental health, and vulnerability”

Instant Pot Pulled Pork

Tonight was one of those nights when I just couldn’t decide what to make. So at 6 pm as I’m trolling the grocery store aisles I finally decided on Pulled Pork. Realizing that I am starting the dinner game a little late, I decide that tonight I’m going to utilize some of the already preppedContinue reading “Instant Pot Pulled Pork”

Instant Pot Beef Madeira with Vegetable couscous

Madeira wine is very similar to Marsala wine, I like to think of them as sisters. I find that Madeira is a little more versatile in being able to be used with beef and pork as well as chicken. The first time I came across Madeira, was a recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook. I haveContinue reading “Instant Pot Beef Madeira with Vegetable couscous”

Beet Soufflé

The deep red color of beets is so enticing and beautiful. I wanted to see if it could be captured in Soufflé form. I’ve noticed that a lot of times the red color turns golden during baking. This time I was pleasantly surprised at how the beets retained their deep red color. Soufflés are aContinue reading “Beet Soufflé”

Sweet Beet Bread

Beet bread is another idea I had a while back that I wanted to investigate. Most people have had Banana Bread, or Zucchini Bread and maybe even Pumpkin bread. So I figured why not see if Beets would work as well. In my experience, a good banana bread recipe can really substitute the Bananas forContinue reading “Sweet Beet Bread”

Beet Frites (Fries) & Crispy Cauliflower

I have been doing every single that I can think of lately with beets. I’ve just been inspired by them lately. One thing that I really wanted to try my hand at making – was beet fries. Mainly because I thought that the term “Beet Frites” was kind of cheeky and sounded nice. Today I’mContinue reading “Beet Frites (Fries) & Crispy Cauliflower”

Roasted Vegetable Puff Pastry Pizza

Sometimes – all I am craving is vegetables. Have you ever just wanted sautéed squash, or salted steamed broccoli? I have. Growing up, I never really had the misfortune of being forced to eat anything I didn’t want to. I also never really got a bad vegetable as a youngster either. No boiled spinach horrorContinue reading “Roasted Vegetable Puff Pastry Pizza”

Roasted Beet and Lemon Orzo Salad

I have really been on a kick with roasted beets lately, and I’ve also recently really come to love orzo – which is a rice shaped pasta. I wanted to make a salad the would combine the two but also be light and bright for summer. The brightness in this salad is going to comeContinue reading “Roasted Beet and Lemon Orzo Salad”

Roasted Beet and Red Quinoa Salad

Every now and then I get really inspired to cook with Quinoa. I really like it, and it was only recently that I noticed that there are more than one type of Quinoa to buy. Red Quinoa was the one that struck my fancy, but there is a Black Quinoa out there and even aContinue reading “Roasted Beet and Red Quinoa Salad”