Instant Pot Beef Madeira with Vegetable couscous

Madeira wine is very similar to Marsala wine, I like to think of them as sisters. I find that Madeira is a little more versatile in being able to be used with beef and pork as well as chicken. The first time I came across Madeira, was a recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook. I haveContinue reading “Instant Pot Beef Madeira with Vegetable couscous”

Making Lentil Soup

I think my first introduction to lentils – would have been in my teens, watching Nigella Lawson on E! Entertainment television. She was always putting lentils in this and lentils in that. I don’t think I really tasted lentils until my twenties, and because I was much older and more adventurous food wise. I reallyContinue reading “Making Lentil Soup”

Vegetable Stock – and a cooking failure

This has been the first year (since culinary school ten years ago) that I have really been making my own stocks from scratch. It has been a satisfying cooking experience. It has added another level of flavor to my cooking and also a new kind of personal satisfaction from using my own stocks. I alsoContinue reading “Vegetable Stock – and a cooking failure”