Roasted Beet and Red Quinoa Salad

Every now and then I get really inspired to cook with Quinoa. I really like it, and it was only recently that I noticed that there are more than one type of Quinoa to buy. Red Quinoa was the one that struck my fancy, but there is a Black Quinoa out there and even aContinue reading “Roasted Beet and Red Quinoa Salad”

Quinoa, Cucumber & Chickpea Salad

I feel like you either love or you hate, quinoa. I love it. It’s so versatile in its ability to take on flavors and it is just so good for your body. That said, even I don’t utilize Quinoa in my cooking as often as I should. But if you have never tried Quinoa beforeContinue reading “Quinoa, Cucumber & Chickpea Salad”

Making Applesauce

I think the first time I ever saw anyone even reference making applesauce, I must have been 7 or 8, was in a show called Little Bear. Little Bear and his friend Emily were playing as her grandma made applesauce, they had to keep busy while it cooled down. It’s so funny, but all theseContinue reading “Making Applesauce”

Making Lentil Soup

I think my first introduction to lentils – would have been in my teens, watching Nigella Lawson on E! Entertainment television. She was always putting lentils in this and lentils in that. I don’t think I really tasted lentils until my twenties, and because I was much older and more adventurous food wise. I reallyContinue reading “Making Lentil Soup”

Vegetable Stock – and a cooking failure

This has been the first year (since culinary school ten years ago) that I have really been making my own stocks from scratch. It has been a satisfying cooking experience. It has added another level of flavor to my cooking and also a new kind of personal satisfaction from using my own stocks. I alsoContinue reading “Vegetable Stock – and a cooking failure”