Rainy Day Chili

I always look forward to rainy days, something about the sound of the rain hitting the sides of the windows and house, is just so nice for me. I feel like it’s always nice to warm up the house with some soup on the stove, or in this case some chili. So to start you’reContinue reading “Rainy Day Chili”

Making Lentil Soup

I think my first introduction to lentils – would have been in my teens, watching Nigella Lawson on E! Entertainment television. She was always putting lentils in this and lentils in that. I don’t think I really tasted lentils until my twenties, and because I was much older and more adventurous food wise. I reallyContinue reading “Making Lentil Soup”

Making Chicken Soup

The thing I like most about chicken soup, is just how fast you can throw it together. At work I call this one of my “ thirty minute soups” because it takes just about that long to do it. So to start, you want to dice your vegetables. Since I’m doing this for myself atContinue reading “Making Chicken Soup”