Making Concord Grape Jelly

It wasn’t that long ago, that I knew NOTHING about making Jelly. I was so intimidated by pectin, and canning and all of it. Now as I look back, I was missing out on so much fun. The learning curve to pectin is simple, the firmer you want your jelly the more pectin you need.Continue reading “Making Concord Grape Jelly”

Making Blackberry Jelly

The other day I got all dressed up to go Blackberry picking at Barden Family Orchards in Scituate, Rhode Island. It was great. There weren’t many people out picking and it made for a great socially distant activity. Blackberry picking is 50 percent picking and 50 percent eating blackberries until you get sick (literally) ofContinue reading “Making Blackberry Jelly”

Watermelon Jelly

Last summer was the first time I made Watermelon Jelly and it was a big hit with my friends. I was gifted a lovely watermelon grown by my friend and decided that it was just too much to eat all by myself. I wondered if I could cook it down and preserve it into aContinue reading “Watermelon Jelly”

Strawberry Jelly

I am a self proclaimed picky eater. As a kid, I think the only thing I would generally always eat was chicken fingers and fries. Occasionally some spaghetti and red sauce. So it’s no surprise that I have some real opinions about jams and jellies. Myself – I like jellies. I don’t want to dealContinue reading “Strawberry Jelly”

Making Chicken Soup

The thing I like most about chicken soup, is just how fast you can throw it together. At work I call this one of my “ thirty minute soups” because it takes just about that long to do it. So to start, you want to dice your vegetables. Since I’m doing this for myself atContinue reading “Making Chicken Soup”

Vegetable Stock – and a cooking failure

This has been the first year (since culinary school ten years ago) that I have really been making my own stocks from scratch. It has been a satisfying cooking experience. It has added another level of flavor to my cooking and also a new kind of personal satisfaction from using my own stocks. I alsoContinue reading “Vegetable Stock – and a cooking failure”