Tomato Braised Beef Stew

I really love looking to the current food magazines to see what the latest food trends are, and also to get inspiration for cooking. My latest favorite magazine is Milk Street. It’s not often (like never) that I subscribe to anything. This magazine is different. It’s not full of ads, it’s just a nice quickContinue reading “Tomato Braised Beef Stew”

Instant Pot Short Ribs

Recently one of the few things I could find at a grocery store was short ribs, and I thought, “well this I can work with”. I’m sure you have run into a few shortages in the grocery stores lately. Having an open mind in some ways can help you, I knew for sure that IContinue reading “Instant Pot Short Ribs”

Short Ribs

When short ribs are good, they are just so good. When they are bad, well usually they are still pretty good – just chewy. I feel that short ribs are one of the things that people usually wait until they are in a restaurant to try, and understandably so. I mean why spend money onContinue reading “Short Ribs”