Summer Citrus Cheesecake & Madeleines

“Summer Citrus” is a term I learned from one of my teachers at Johnson & Wales, Christina Harvey. She was great and Summer Citrus has always been in the back of my mind ever since. It’s a simple addition of the zest of: Lemons, Oranges, and Limes. It can be used in both sweet andContinue reading “Summer Citrus Cheesecake & Madeleines”

Mad About Madeleines

I had been asked to create some Madeleines for a friends tea party and couldn’t resist playing with a different flavor – Blood Orange. So instead of the lemon zest – I used orange, and made a glaze out of the blood orange juice! Like many out there, when it comes to making something new,Continue reading “Mad About Madeleines”

Pumpkin Cheesecake

If you’re not making pumpkin, something these days, you are missing out! I love fall, and really enjoy baking with the season. Pumpkins, apples, cinnamon and spice. I live for it! Today, specifically I’m baking with pumpkin One of the best things about this cheesecake, besides the pumpkin is the crust, made of Lotus BiscoffContinue reading “Pumpkin Cheesecake”

Spiced Apple Upside Down Cake

The other day I had a bit of free time so I figured it would be a great day to go visit the apple orchard. There are a bunch of orchards in Rhode Island that I like to troll around to, today it was Narrow Lane Orchard in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The trees thereContinue reading “Spiced Apple Upside Down Cake”

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Donuts

I have a very faint memory of sitting on our red countertop (that’s how I KNOW it’s an old memory, my parents re-did the kitchen when I was 11 and the red counter went away) and helping my sister cut out the donuts and donut holes. The whole process was magical to me, we friedContinue reading “Maple Glazed Pumpkin Donuts”

Pumpkin Caramel Croissant Cinnamon Rolls

I was wondering the other day, how could I incorporate pumpkin into my baked goods in a way that would be tasty as well as a little different. I think these Cinnamon rolls do just that. Croissant dough rolled up into cinnamon rolls, but filled with a pumpkin filling and topped with creme caramel. What’sContinue reading “Pumpkin Caramel Croissant Cinnamon Rolls”

Pumpkin Bread 2 Ways!

I love a good quick bread, and with fall coming up the obvious choice would be… Pumpkin! This time to change it up, I’m making two separate loaves – one with cream cheese inside, and another with a crumb topping. Both are delightful, you choose! Pumpkin Bread1 – 1/2 cups all purpose flour1 cup sugar1Continue reading “Pumpkin Bread 2 Ways!”

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Scones

For years, I worked as a morning baker. Making muffins and scones and countless other pastries late at night and early into the morning. I can’t remember if I ever made these particular scones, although I’m certain I made some variation of pumpkin scone back then. This one, is particularly tasty and I think you’llContinue reading “Maple Glazed Pumpkin Scones”

Cinnamon Blueberry Coffee Cake

My favorite coffee cakes have a layer of streusel baked right into the cake. A sweet caramel-y surprise, and this coffee cake is no exception! I needed to use some more of those blueberries I picked the other day and this was a great use! Cinnamon Blueberry Coffee Cake1 – 1/2 cups all purpose flour1Continue reading “Cinnamon Blueberry Coffee Cake”

Buttermilk Blueberry Bundt Cake

It is Blueberry season and the other day I was so lucky to be able to pick some blueberries at Ding Hao Ranch in South Kingstown, Rhode Island and it was magical. We arrived pretty late in the day for picking, almost around 5 pm, but it worked out. We ended up being the onlyContinue reading “Buttermilk Blueberry Bundt Cake”