Mad About Madeleines

I had been asked to create some Madeleines for a friends tea party and couldn’t resist playing with a different flavor – Blood Orange. So instead of the lemon zest – I used orange, and made a glaze out of the blood orange juice! Like many out there, when it comes to making something new,Continue reading “Mad About Madeleines”

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Donuts

I have a very faint memory of sitting on our red countertop (that’s how I KNOW it’s an old memory, my parents re-did the kitchen when I was 11 and the red counter went away) and helping my sister cut out the donuts and donut holes. The whole process was magical to me, we friedContinue reading “Maple Glazed Pumpkin Donuts”

Pumpkin Bread 2 Ways!

I love a good quick bread, and with fall coming up the obvious choice would be… Pumpkin! This time to change it up, I’m making two separate loaves – one with cream cheese inside, and another with a crumb topping. Both are delightful, you choose! Pumpkin Bread1 – 1/2 cups all purpose flour1 cup sugar1Continue reading “Pumpkin Bread 2 Ways!”

Easy Zucchini Bread

I unexpectedly found the biggest zucchini the other day in the garden. I really though I had kept a good eye on the plants and didn’t think anything zucchini’s were growing. Boy was I wrong! So I sautéed some of it for dinner and the rest I needed to use in some other way. ZucchiniContinue reading “Easy Zucchini Bread”