Chickapea Pasta with pan seared summer vegetables

I’m always looking for new and different things to try. When I saw Chickapea + Greens Pasta, I knew I wanted to try it. It’s organic, gluten free, non- GMO, vegan, kosher, with no preservatives, no added sugar, and nothing artificial. I’ve been on a pasta salad kick lately, and I wanted to do something warm, with roasted flavor to go with the pasta. Since it’s summertime, I decided to forgo roasting in the oven and opted for pan searing instead. Here’s the recipe

4 oz pasta (roughly half the box)
1# asparagus
1 small white onion
3 carrots (I found some colorful carrots at the store)
1 broccoli crown
3.5 oz cherry tomatoes
Few sprigs fresh tarragon and parsley – dry is fine but fresh is better
extra virgin olive oil as needed
sunflower oil as needed
salt & pepper

This was filling without being heavy. I really enjoyed the pasta!

So keep in mind that when something says “summer vegetables” it really means that you can add in or leave out anything you do or don’t want. I have a friend who hates broccoli, so maybe I might leave it out for her and add in some extra carrots. Make it easy on yourself.

Prep the vegetables. The main thing to keep in mind with this, is that you are trying to cook things quickly. So slice things on the smaller side. Especially anything that will take a while to cook. (Carrots)

My favorite part of Asparagus is the tips, so chop off all the tips and discard the rest. (Compost, give to some pigs)’

I’m utilizing a mandolin to cut the carrots. Keeps them nice and thin and also makes for a nice presentation

I grew this broccoli. (YES I am tooting my own horn!) So it’s not as dense as what you might get in the store. It was pretty easy to cut it into small pieces.

The onion simply needs to be peeled. Cut off the ends, cut the onion in pieces lengthwise.

The cherry tomatoes need a washing and that’s it.

Generally I don’t cook with tomatoes, but when I saw that these were “teeny tiny tomatoes” I could not resist!

There’s some Tarragon and Parsley growing in garden, so it was easy to grab a couple sprigs of each. I gave them a good wash and a rough chop. – The tool I am using is a mezzaluna – something I saw Nigella Lawson using way back when she had her cooking show on E! Entertainment television, sometime mid nineties I would say.

Cook the pasta, this penne cooks a bit quicker, it only took about 9 minutes to cook to the desired tenderness. Just like regular pasta, you want to make sure you pasta water is boiling and salted before you add the pasta in to cook.

Drain the pasta as usual. To keep it warm, I put it right back in the pan it was cooked in and add a few tablespoons of olive oil to keep the pasta from sticking to the pan. Lid on

Now it’s time to cook the vegetables. Heat your pan – you really want to hear a sizzle when you drop the vegetables in the pan. Coat the bottom of the pan with some sunflower oil and allow to heat. Add the carrots and onions first. Cook them until you start to see a little bit of browning on the carrots and or onions.

Layer in the asparagus and broccoli and sauté a bit. Use a spoon or utensil to move things around and to allow everything to evenly cook.

Once the vegetables have cooked and have softened a bit add in the cherry tomatoes. Make sure you stir them in so they can get some access to the heat.

After a few minutes and the cherry tomatoes start to wilt and break down you can turn off the heat and add in the pasta. The last thing you are going to add in is the chopped parsley and tarragon. Toss gently to combine everything and heat it all together. Take a taste, you might need to add a little salt & pepper to make it perfect. Serve & Enjoy

This is something that could be served as a main dish or side dish. Whatever you so choose.

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