Short Rib Ravioli with a creamy mushroom au poivres sauce

Sometimes you crave something and you just can’t get it out of your mind until you make it. I’m always craving short ribs, and have been on a bit of a pasta kick. So I knew I wanted to make some kind of short rib ravioli, but I was a little lost on the sauce. I didn’t want a red sauce, and didn’t want to do a white sauce, so I looked in my cupboards and saw some Madeira, which I love, and decided to create something with that.

This recipe starts with cooking your short ribs, I used about a pound of boneless short ribs and I really like to use the instant pot to cook them. So put the short ribs in the instant pot season with a little salt and pepper and cover them – completely submerge them, with beef stock. Set a 75 minute pressure cook cycle.

The next thing I like to do is make the pasta, I really love using Bob’s Red Mill Semolina flour, and it has a great recipe on the back. The only thing I would note, is that I use half semolina and half all purpose flour when I make the pasta, this is actually one of the tips on the back of the bag of semolina flour. Once you’ve made the pasta, cover it with plastic wrap and let sit for at least an hour. The pasta dough can be made a day in advance if you’d like.

I like to make the au poivres sauce a little before I make the ravioli because then you can quickly cook the ravioli and put them right into the sauce and serve. This meal comes together pretty quickly and if you don’t have a sauce to put the cooked ravioli in, they can stick together.

Dice up a small white onion, and take a small package of mushrooms. Sauté these in until they get nice and golden brown. Once everything has cooked down, add in 2 cups of Madeira to deglaze the pan. You can either flambé the Madeira or just boil it to cook out the alcohol. Let the Madeira cook down a little bit. I like to reduce it by half, sometimes if I forget it reduces a little more. Add in some beef stock to give your sauce some volume. Another cup and half to two cups of stock will do. If you can, use the beef stock that the short ribs cooked in. When you add in your beef stock also add in your peppercorns. Depending on how spicy you want the sauce to be add 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. The peppercorns add a nice little punch of spice when you bite into one.

Mix 2 tablespoons of corn starch with enough water just to dissolve it. This is called a slurry, whisk the slurry into the au poivres sauce, bring it up to a boil to thicken. Once the sauce has thickened you can add a quarter of a cup of heavy cream to give it a nice rich color. The sauce is done! Turn off the heat, cover and let it stay warm until you’re ready to use it. You can also re-heat the sauce gently if it cools too much.

Now for the filling . By now the short ribs should be done, remove them from the liquid and put them in a bowl. I like to use a kitchen aid mixer to shred my short ribs because it’s just so quick, Add about a 1/4 of a cup of the braising liquid to the shredded pulled short ribs. And also add some shredded Gouda cheese. About a half cup, Gouda is a really soft cheese and some of it just crumbled when I tried to shred it which is fine it’ll melt and be delish inside the ravioli so make sure to put in any of the crumbles too. Stir everything together.

Time to roll out the pasta, cut the piece of chilled and rested pasta into 4 equal pieces and roll out with your pasta roller down to the 5th setting. Most pasta rollers have 7 settings and I find that 6 and 7 are just too thin for ravioli. At least in my opinion, I’m fairly new at pasta making so I could be wrong.

Spread some semolina flour out on your work surface so that the pasta doesn’t stick. Put about a tablespoon of the short rib filling for each ravioli. I like to use half of the piece of pasta for the filling and then I just fold the other half over the top of it to enclose the filling and finish the ravioli. Press down the space in between the pockets of filling to seal. Cut into separate pieces. You can chill these in the fridge until you are ready to use, just make sure you put spread out some semolina on a sheet tray and lay out the pasta into a single layer not on top of each other.

These cook in about 4 minutes in boiling water, use a slotted spoon or spider to get them out of the water and put them right into your sauce. Toss them gently in the sauce and serve. For an extra added touch you can garnish with a bit of chopped sage to add a bit of green to the plate.

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