Making Lasagna from scratch

Lasagna is a labor of love. It can be as simple or as intricate as you like, but lasagna is always something that shows someone you care. At least I think of it that way.

The first step to making the lasagna is making the sauce. I have been lucky enough to have successfully grown some tomatoes this year and I had a few that were red and beautiful and ready to go into a sauce.

Once you have your sauce made the next step is making the pasta and assembling the lasagna.

Personally I recommend making the sauce and the pasta a day or two in advance. It lets the sauce really set into its flavors and also lets the pasta rest. It is possible to do it all in a day but sometimes it’s more enjoyable to spread it out.

One thing that I would really recommend if you are going to really start making your own pasta, is to invest in a motorized pasta roller. Kitchen-Aid has an attachment for the mixer, and if you do a search online you can find motorized pasta rollers. They just make it so much easier. My model is from the 80’s -it’s an Atlas Automatic Pasta maker. There’s a little compartment that would even mix the pasta for you, but I have never used that feature. It was an eBay investment and even though I only make pasta a few times a year, that machine makes it so nice every time.

I hope that these two videos inspire you to make something amazing at home! It’s easier than you think, and so enjoyable!

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