Gardening experiment!

I have been gardening since I was 6 years old – that’s when my mom walked me out to the fence and we planted sunflowers. I remember ( and so does she ) how I checked on those seeds every day until the sprouted. Being 6 I thought I was going to go to bed one day and wake up and there would be a full blown sunflower out there, a la jack in the beanstalk style. I learned that this was not the case. I’m sure when those seeds sprouted I must have been a little disappointed at the little green sprouts and I have a distinct memory of many of them getting eaten by birds. A few did make it and turned into Sunflowers. I’ll always remember that spring and summer and think of it as my first year of gardening.

As the years went by I kept at it. One year I had a very successful pumpkin patch, the next year I learned that you don’t get a whole big bunch of flowers from just one bulb – you get one flower. I was naive back then, but learned so many valuable things through trial and error.

As I have progressed in age, so has my gardening. Last year was the year of the Rose. Actually the last two years have been the year of the Rose. I finally planted one of the plants that I had stayed away from for so long. For some reason, I had it firmly planted in my mind that roses were something that I could not grow. Too hard – too finicky. When I moved into the house in Coventry, there were three different types of roses planted here. I never really paid attention to them but always kept them free of weeds, and admired them when they bloomed. At some point (probably 5 or so years in) the lightbulb went off, and I realized that if there were already roses growing here, maybe I could plant some other more desirable roses. After some trials with some “beginners aka cheap” roses, I quickly progressed to a full on rose snob and after growing tired of the roses I found in the stores near to me, someone suggested I look into David Austin roses. This collection of roses has been bred and curated so beautifully. There are so many roses to choose from depending on where you are located, what kind of gardener level you have, what color rose you want they really have thought of it all for you. I really suggest giving roses a try this year! I think you will be happily surprised at how easy they can be to grow!

This is my David Austin lady of shallot rose in its first year. This was planted as a bare root rose and grew this much in just a few months. This rose in particular has a quality about it that makes it seem to glow out in the landscape. The color is so vivid and bright.
This is a flourless chocolate torte decorated with some lavender and roses all from my garden. I feel like they make the cake look so fancy pants, and because I grew them myself they were free!

Gardening for me doesn’t just mean flowers anymore. I have, in the last ten years or so, really been trying to grow vegetables with varied success. I am never dismayed by the failure of a trial, or a setback that occurs. Sometimes everything goes so well and the plant is beautiful and perfect…and then one of my chickens eats – the – whole – thing. It happens, I have learned that I can’t get too attached to any plants and really try not to get too disappointed. After all, if I’m growing the plants for my family, I guess the chickens can eat whatever they want, and whenever they want it.

So – I feel like I’ve gotten all distracted here, isn’t this post about a hoophouse? Well yes it is and let’s get back to that. So I have raised garden beds and I have fitted one of them with a hoophouse type of covering.

The sound in this video is wonky – i apologize!!
Other than that I think this is a really cool idea

So I told one of my friends about the experiment and she flat out said everything would probably die. We shall see!!! Now that this has turned into a challenge of some sorts I am interested to see what makes it, or if anything makes it at all! I have high hopes and I always do. I am pretty confident in the lettuces making it and also the spinach. Everything else, well, I do feel like these are at a high risk of not making it, but we will see! I’m going to post new video information every two weeks on this! So stay tuned

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