Short Ribs

When short ribs are good, they are just so good. When they are bad, well usually they are still pretty good – just chewy. I feel that short ribs are one of the things that people usually wait until they are in a restaurant to try, and understandably so. I mean why spend money on a cut of meat that is tough and has to be cooked in such a way that makes it tender. Just leave it to the professionals, right? WRONG. I mean – yes, you can always get a great short rib out to eat, but why not make them at home. It’s a great way to save money and learn a new way to cook cuts of meat that have more of a tough texture to them.

So I’ve had a lot of time to experiment with short ribs lately, earlier in the week I did a very slow braise of short ribs starting before I went to work, and they were done just in time for dinner – not to mention, they were as tender as can be. So what happens here is at the low oven temperature of 200 degrees, most of the fat in the meat renders out and those short ribs just gently simmer in their own juices until they are fork tender. Now this is one of those things that is time consuming and nothing else. You throw the short ribs in a pot with salt and pepper. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it cook in the oven for as long as possible – at least 8 hours and as many as 12. The results every time are fall off the bone short ribs, with little to no effort from you. My favorite thing to do with the short ribs once I’m done? Coat them with Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce, and then devour them.

So, this was great, but we don’t always have time for 8 plus hour braises. So I am working on a way to utilize the instant pot to cook short ribs. Slowly but surely I am getting more and more confident in using that little thing.

Did I mention that short ribs go great with Rice Pilaf? Well they do, it is a treat to say the least to have homemade short ribs and rice pilaf on the side. Well it isn’t as hard as you might think to make a nice Pilaf at home. Here is a quick video to help you figure it out. Once you have Pilaf mastered you’ll realize how easy it can be to change its flavor with the use of different stocks and liquids, even adding in a vegetable or two. Want to make a vegan Pilaf? Change out the butter for sunflower oil, and change the chicken stock to vegetable stock. Instant Vegan, and still so good. This really is something that can be changed to suit your preferences, whatever they may be.

I hope you try it!

How do you feel about short ribs and rice pilaf? Hope you love them, I do!

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