Strawberry Dream Cake

what is a “Dream” cake? I think a dream cake is any cake that has a whipped cream type of frosting!

Cakes are one of those things that I feel has sadly fallen out of style. Except for the obligatory Wedding and Birthday Cakes, how often do you find yourself eating cake? I mean; pies, cookies, turnovers, cinnamon rolls – sure – I eat those all the time, but hardly ever find myself staring at a piece of cake. In order to remedy this I tried to think of some kind of delicious thing that would warrant becoming a reality. I knew one thing – I wanted it to be frosted in whipped cream

Frosting a cake in whipped cream is a simple enough idea, and if you are using cool whip you don’t really have to worry any further about it. But if you are like me – you want real whipped cream, heavy cream whipped with powdered sugar and vanilla, and nothing else! The idea is fine, but the reality of whipped cream is that it has a very limited time frame in which it is perfect. After some time, it will begin to deflate and exude a bit of it’s liquid. Not cute. How to remedy this was fairly simple. I decided to add a bit of gelatin to stabilize the whipped cream.

So I had the whipped cream outside down, but what about the actual cake, and what about the filling? I wasn’t feeling a chocolate cake. Too heavy – which is a funny feeling for a cake in general but whatever. No – I wanted something light, but not too light. So angel food cake was out. But how about the next step down, how about a genoise sponge cake. Yes this was the cake that I decided I was feeling at the moment, and genoise sponge it would be!

Now genoise sponge cakes are a little special. I remember making them from scratch in school, and I was always amazed at how light and delectable they were. Some people feel like genoise cakes are dry, and to be honest their texture is different from the cakes you might be used to. I personally love it, and this particular cake lends itself to soaking up some delicious simple syrups full of whatever flavor you can think of. So if you are worried about it being dry, just soak it with some simple syrups and worry no more!

Over the summer I made a wedding cake, and for one of the layers I soaked the cake with a simple syrup that had been infused with a raspberry zinger tea. The result was very well received, and the flavor was new and unusual to most of the attendees. No one could really pinpoint what it was. Raspberry zinger tea has things like: hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, raspberries, and roasted chicory just to name a few. The result was a delectable syrup, that had a deep red color, a perfect contrast to the delicate crumb of the cake. Yes – I think that raspberry zinger simple syrup was definitely in.

Now for the filling – and this was really the easiest part, I knew I didn’t want a jam or jelly. I wanted a fruit filling, but not raspberry, or blueberry. So clearly, there was just one option left and it was perfect. Strawberries. Plus, and this is probably really the reason why, they were on sale at the store. BINGO – sold.

So I was set – a genoise sponge cake soaked with raspberry zinger simple syrup, filled with fresh strawberries and frosted with whipped cream.

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