Ways to use your leftover Corned Beef

So you made a ton of corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day, and inevitably you have some left over. What to do with it? Well, I have two ideas and I think you’ll like them both

First, The day begins with breakfast, doesn’t it? Well to me, there is nothing better than Corned Beef Hash. Cooked potatoes that are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and then with bits of crunchy salty corned beef dispersed here and there throughout the entire mix.

another instagram video, but I really think it gets right to the point on this subject.

So after you have finished with breakfast, and maybe even while you are eating breakfast, you still may be thinking what else can I make with left over corned beef. Well, with lunch being the next meal of the day, I suggest the ever classic – Reuben.

Rye bread, thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, corned beef and swiss cheese. Just a few simple ingredients that come together to make a great sandwich. I like using a flat griddle pan – mine is made out of cast iron and it is great for making sandwiches like this at home. I’m pretty sure it’s reversible and the other side is a grill pan. Anywho – here is the video!

Well I hope that these two ideas are enough to get you thinking about using up that corned beef! Need some more inspiration? I have seen people make corned beef and cabbage soup, just saying.

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